Buying shorts is a big deal

I bought shorts today. Now I say tgat and most people would think that isn’t a huge deal. But it is to me. I am not someone that buys clothes easily. I still walk into a store overestimating the size I wear. I get the sweats, I can’t breathe and I break down because I get scared nothing will fit right. For years I could only shop one place. But today, I walked into a normal clothing store and bought a pair of shorts. I was worried that my legs would be too big in them, that I couldn’t pull them off, that something just wouldn’t work. But you know what? They fit pretty damn nicely. And the last time I owned a pair of shorts, well that was when the other picture was taken. 132lbs ago. My journey is not over and I am not done fighting to where I want to be. But I’ll take a pair of shorts as a sign of victory along the way.

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Author: Under the Guise of Glitter

Shaye is a stylistic editor and freelance photographer in Lancaster PA. Though growing up in New York gave her a wide perspective of life, being a gypsy finally made her plant her root where the air is fresh and so is the food. She is the Mommy of two wonderful kiddos. An Autism advocate and a green-tea-aholic. Self proclaimed geek, bookworm, pansexual and lover of everything that glitters. Currently she is trying to live out her dreams while writing of her life, love and loss.

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