Recovering from hernia surgery

So on Friday my surgeon went in to repair two rather large hernia’s that I developed after my sleeve in September. I was told the recovery time was long and painful. I was told that I couldn’t do anything in the mean time. I never realized how little that meant. It’s really getting to me.

So this whole not being able to move thing…sucks. all I wanted to do this morning was get up, go to the potty, grab some water, then remain upright to braid Kay’s hair. I managed to get two out of those three things done, all while trying not to cry or uncontrollably shake ftom the amount of pain I was in. Kay went off to school with a braid and Jayson ended up getting me water and breakfast because I couldn’t stand back up again. 

I am trying not to be hard on myself for the fact that I am stuck on this couch. I feel like I should be doing something and I can’t. While I realize I am just a few days out from surgery and it takes time to heal, it doesn’t take the overwhelming sense of frustration and helplessness of the situation away. I keep reading up on the recovery times and everywhere I have read it says that it’s a slow process, I just guess I thought being supermom came with the ability to heal super quickly. 
Just had to get that off my chest.  Thanks for listening to me babble💖


Author: Under the Guise of Glitter

Shaye is a stylistic editor and freelance photographer in Lancaster PA. Though growing up in New York gave her a wide perspective of life, being a gypsy finally made her plant her root where the air is fresh and so is the food. She is the Mommy of two wonderful kiddos. An Autism advocate and a green-tea-aholic. Self proclaimed geek, bookworm, pansexual and lover of everything that glitters. Currently she is trying to live out her dreams while writing of her life, love and loss.

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