Upcoming Surgery

Little update from my world- I will be having surgery to fix 2 hernia’s that are currently causing me incredible amounts of pain on June 2nd.

My surgeon was very clear in telling me that I am going to be in pain and that I am also to taje the best care I have EVER tajen if myself when it comes time to heal. As these are right in the center of my core and my core is pivotal to well everything.

I’ll be honest….I’m nervous, scared and just trying to keep breathing at the moment. I will be out of comission for a few weeks and asking for help has never been my strongest suit. I am used to being in complete control of my world.

I am lucky to have friends and family that support and love me so much. I am going to need that support and love in the upcoming weeks. So if you have moments to spare, are in the area, want to hang out with some awesome kids and a pouty, partially mobile faerie. We would love the company and helping hands.

Here’s to a healthier tomorrow. *sparkle thoughts*


Author: Under the Guise of Glitter

Shaye is a stylistic editor and freelance photographer in Lancaster PA. Though growing up in New York gave her a wide perspective of life, being a gypsy finally made her plant her root where the air is fresh and so is the food. She is the Mommy of two wonderful kiddos. An Autism advocate and a green-tea-aholic. Self proclaimed geek, bookworm, pansexual and lover of everything that glitters. Currently she is trying to live out her dreams while writing of her life, love and loss.

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